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NNBA Featured Expert

By on Mar 5, 2020 in NNBA Featured Expert

The 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a CNA School By Victoria Randle, NP-C If you are new to entrepreneurship, you are destined to make a mistake. Mistakes can be costly, time consuming or even steal your confidence. I have personally learned from every mistake I have made along the way and each mistake has undoubtedly made me a better business woman. When it comes...

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Nurses Business Success Tip: 4 Ways to Increase Business Profitability

By on Feb 3, 2020 in Business Plans, Success Tips

Nurses Business Success Tip: 4 Ways to Increase Business Profitability Sales alone are not an indication of nurse business success; profitability is key to the health of your business. Said another way, it’s not so much about the money you make, it is about the money you keep. Here are a few strategies to increase your bottom line. 1) Follow up on the leads that you...

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NNBA Nurse Entrepreneur News – 10/15/2019

By on Oct 15, 2019 in News

Thank you for you emails, comments, and social media posts! There is a collective voice of nurses rising up from the #NNBA2019 Entrepreneurship Conference in Las Vegas! “Now is time for nurses to take the lead in reframing nurse’s role in the healthcare marketplace.” Our wonderful speakers went in-depth with strategies, best practices, how-tos, blueprints, hacks,...

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NNBA Nurse Entrepreneur News – 10/01/2019

By on Oct 1, 2019 in News

In the generation that has passed, since the National Nurses in Business Association was founded, the ranks of nurse entrepreneurs has increased substantially. The NNBA is the forerunner of the nurse entrepreneur movement, and that is a result of the active participation and contributions of its richly resourced membership. We are nurses, business leaders, mentors,...

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