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Independent Patient Advocacy Business – The Nurse Keith Show with Stephanie Fredrick, RN, M.Ed., iRNPA

By on Apr 6, 2019 in Podcast

After Lou and I sold our senior care company in 2010, we started a Patient Advocate Group Enterprise (PAGE) business for addressing errors in medical billing. We folded this business under our consulting arm in 2013, after my book Unconventional Nurse® was published. I have long believed that Patient Advocacy is a wonderful and fulfilling business for nurses to...

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NNBA Nurse Entrepreneur News – 04/01/2019

By on Apr 1, 2019 in News

There are several relationships that are very important to business owners as their business grows larger. Legal advisers, insurance coverage, banking relationships, financial advice, and administration; each of these areas will be represented at this year’s conference. I would also recommend developing a small group of trusted advisers. I have the honor to announce...

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NNBA Nurse Entrepreneur News – 03/15/2019

By on Mar 15, 2019 in News

Registration is OPEN and nurses are registering for NNBA’s annual signature event, Nurse Entrepreneurship and Career Alternatives Conference! Explore the agenda at Nationally acclaimed speakers, leading nurse entrepreneurs, and business experts will provide nurses with the information, tools, and actionable take-a-ways they...

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NNBA Nurse Entrepreneur News – 03/01/2019

By on Mar 1, 2019 in News

Remember to set your clocks Sunday, March 10, at 2:00 am to spring forward! March promises much excitement as the NNBA has registration opening for our signature event. NNBA’s National Entrepreneurship & Career Alternatives educational conference is filled with over 20 sessions of how-to information, inspiration, and motivation while being joined by a diverse...

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NNBA Nurse Entrepreneur News – 02/15/2019

By on Feb 15, 2019 in News

Are you in need of a shift, a mindset shift? Are your attitudes and beliefs serving you in your success, or would you benefit from a mindset reset? How One Empowering Mindset Shift Can Elevate Your Entire Life is our first article of interest below. Empowering Nurses Through Entrepreneurship is the theme of NNBA’s annual educational conference. We are dedicated to...

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