Nurse Expert Witness wins Shark Tank at National Nurses in Business Conference

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Dawn Cook had the opportunity to attend the National Nurses in Business Association (NNBA) Nurse Entrepreneurship & Career Alternatives Conference at the Sirata Resort in St. Pete Beach, Florida from November 17th through the 19th. For those unfamiliar with the NNBA, it is best described as “a professional nursing association and springboard for nurses...

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Tribute to Nurse Entrepreneurship #NNBA2017

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As a Tribute to Nurse Entrepreneurship, a couple hundred nurse entrepreneurs, and aspiring entrepreneurs, took over the beautiful Sirata Beach Resort for NNBA’s signature educational conference. First scheduled in September; the NNBA postponed the conference due to Hurricane Irma’s impending arrival that same weekend! Speed, quick decision making and pivoting, the...

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Nurse Entrepreneur Journey – Linnea Stonebraker

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  I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with Linnea Stonebreaker, RN, PhD, founder of the National Institute for Healthcare Education. Linnea spent most of her career in critical care nursing with an advanced degree in healthcare program administration. After three decades nursing, her career choices all seemed to have high stress and long hours. In 2001 she began to...

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Nurses in Business Rock Las Vegas at #NNBA2016

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Today’s Nurses are interested in Advancing Nurses through Entrepreneurship; the theme at NNBA’s annual conference. As a conference organizer, you know you are on-point when the only complaint that nurses are making is the difficulty in deciding which of the great breakouts and round table topics to choose. For over thirty years, the National Nurses in Business...

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Nurses Going for the Gold

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“Success comes from knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of being.” – John Wooden, ESPN ranked Greatest Coach of All Time         I hope everyone enjoyed the Summer Olympic Games as much as I have the past couple of weeks. Looking at your Facebook posts, it appears you have! Amazing to see so much talent, skill, strength...

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The Business of Healthcare: Burnout’s Iceberg

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“What is powerful is when what you say is just the tip of the iceberg of what you know” – Jim Rohn The recent Critical Care Societies Collaborative (CCSC) report on burnout, is only the tip of burnout’s iceberg. There is a complete disruption in the healthcare industry due to shifting reimbursement models that has caused a cascade of reactions across all strata’s of...

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