The Business of Healthcare – Podcast – Episode 36

By on May 7, 2019 in Podcast

I was honored to be interviewed on the Center for Healthcare Leadership and Management Podcast “The Business of Healthcare”. The show brings together business leaders and other forward thinkers to discuss how best to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing, increasingly complex healthcare industry. Episode #36 Business Savvy Nurses From the University of Texas at...

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Independent Patient Advocacy Business – The Nurse Keith Show with Stephanie Fredrick, RN, M.Ed., iRNPA

By on Apr 6, 2019 in Podcast

After Lou and I sold our senior care company in 2010, we started a Patient Advocate Group Enterprise (PAGE) business for addressing errors in medical billing. We folded this business under our consulting arm in 2013, after my book Unconventional Nurse® was published. I have long believed that Patient Advocacy is a wonderful and fulfilling business for nurses to...

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Rewards of the Entrepreneurial Life – Podcast – Episode 10

By on Oct 4, 2016 in Podcast

Michelle Podlesni shares how as a burned out ICU nurse she gravitated to being an entrepreneur and began enjoying the rewards of the entrepreneurial life. Are you in love with the rewards of the entrepreneurial life? Do you find yourself working very hard and wonder if this is par for the course? How badly do you want to be successful? Listen as Michelle and Pat...

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