Dream Big-Start Small and Celebrate!

By on May 3, 2015 in Business Plans, Nurse Entrepreneurs

National Nurses in Business Association Agrees With SBA to Dream Big-Start Small and Celebrate!

National Nurses WeekNational Nurses Week

I love that National Nurses Week and National Small Business Week share celebration days in May. The NNBA, the #1 Nurse Business Owner Network, celebrates Nurses and Nurse Entrepreneurs every day!

“Dream Big” is a wonderful encouragement that is supported by both organizations. In a previous blogpost https://nnbanow.com/nnba/dream-big/ I asked how nurses see themselves: as an educator, an advisor, a healer, a hero, a superstar, a visionary, an analyst, a fireball or an artist? These are all ways that describe our nurse entrepreneur members.

The NNBA has Nurse Business Owners with decades of business experience that willingly share best business practices with our members. One of the highlights of our annual conference is the powerful networking opportunities for nurse entrepreneurs and those nurses that are considering starting a business. It just takes one idea or suggestion to light a dream or save precious time and money.

Now more than ever nurses need to consider moving their skillsets from employee to small business owner and from traditional settings to non-traditional opportunities. The landscape of healthcare is undergoing tremendous change. Demands from social, technical and financial accountability are causing many institutions to reconfigure or just close down. Nurses need to protect their careers and this is a very positive time for nurses to become more autonomous. The NNBA helps nurses transition from dependent employees to independent businesspeople providing cost effective services and realizing your full potential. Big dreams don’t need to be scary; you can keep one foot in traditional nursing and take one foot out into new ventures. A leap isn’t necessary when small steps will do until you feel ready to place both feet in!

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  1. It’s really inspiring to see other nurses venture out as business owners. Thanks for providing a forum to learn from each other. Will be joining.

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