How can I meet customers in my local area?

By on Jun 26, 2013 in Nurse Entrepreneurs

Pat BemisTo meet your potential customers and introduce your services to them, consider speaking at clubs, organizations, and board meetings where your potential customers meet. Provide health information of interest to them. This is not a sales talk. It’s an an informational talk and an introduction to you and your services. Offer to present a short (about 10 minutes) talk to the group. For example, if the group is primarily males, subjects like when to go to the emergency room with chest pain or how to find out if you have low T may be of interest.During vacation times, travelers’ health is often a good topic. Don’t present legal issues; the attorney is the legal expert. Research your topic on the American Heart Association or the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Don’t use your memory to research the topic; use a respected provider of healthcare information. Don’t forget to site them as a resource.

How does speaking help get customers?

  • Speaking engagements are a valuable tool for free publicity to promote a new or established consulting business.
  • As a nurse, you are an expert on medical issues. Select topics that are of current interest to the group. Take the information from reliable and well-known sources.
  • If you write out the talk, you’ll have both an article and a talk you can use over and over again with different audiences.
  • Hand out a tip sheet on the subject and make sure your name, business, and contact information are included. Include your references. Tip sheets hang for years on refrigerators.
  • Experienced speakers write their own introduction and give it to the person introducing them to the group to assure that what is said is what they want said.
  • Leave a list of your speaking topics with the organizers and encourage the group to call you again.
  • Develop a database of speaking engagement opportunities that benefit your specific type of business and keep in touch.


I recommend that you present talks on medical issues to groups that include your potential customers to promote your business.