Independent Patient Advocacy Business – The Nurse Keith Show with Stephanie Fredrick, RN, M.Ed., iRNPA

By on Apr 6, 2019 in Podcast

After Lou and I sold our senior care company in 2010, we started a Patient Advocate Group Enterprise (PAGE) business for addressing errors in medical billing. We folded this business under our consulting arm in 2013, after my book Unconventional NurseĀ® was published. I have long believed that Patient Advocacy is a wonderful and fulfilling business for nurses to practice independently.

Independent Patient Advocacy BusinessIn this episode of The Nurse Keith Show, a nursing career podcast, Keith is chatting with Stephanie Frederick, RN, M.Ed., iRNPA. Stephanie is a successful independent certified Nurse Patient Advocate and a member of the National Nurses in Business Association (NNBA). I know you will enjoy learning what independent patient advocates do out in the community and how you can get in touch with Stephanie.

You can listen to this informative and fun podcast below:



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