Message From Michelle

Message from Michelle Podlesni – NNBA President       April 8, 2014

Encouraging and empowering nurses to succeed in business is my passion. As President of the National Nurses in Business Association, I have the privilege to serve our members. I’m excited about the future of NNBA and want to share my experience and vision to support nurses as we move towards our association’s 30-year anniversary in 2015.

There is no better time for nurses to consider moving their skillset from employee to small business owner and from traditional settings to non-traditional opportunities. The landscape of healthcare is undergoing tremendous change. According to the NIH, close to 30% of nurses are experiencing job dissatisfaction and 40% of nurses are experiencing burnout. NNBA has not only an opportunity, but also a responsibility to prepare nurses for transition in the next phase of their careers.

Now, more than ever, is the time for nurses to take control of their careers, look into the future and see how they can choose to use their nursing license. Nursing professionals can use their knowledge to serve in many ways; to grow a business or multiple businesses if they desire. My goal is to grow membership and member participation by providing high value information, products and services so that all nurses in business are benefiting, contributing and enjoying the NNBA.

I’ve had the privilege of being a corporate executive, entrepreneur, franchise owner, and independent small business owner; some of them at the same time. I shared this story; my messes and my successes in 2013 with the publication of my book ‘Unconventional Nurse – Going from Burnout to Bliss!’ I was humbled and thrilled when this book became a bestseller on Amazon last year during National Nurses Week. As a Navy Veteran and RN over 25 years, I have reinvented and redirected my nursing career several times as my life has changed. Each time my life evolved, it was my nursing knowledge and experience that was the underpinning of my success.

I totally understand the demands on time and family. Some of you are familiar with my blog on where I have given personal examples of those demands for the last four years. But I also believe with the right support, tools and resources, nurses can have a career they love and are excited about that is aligned with their lifestyle. NNBA provides that support, tools and resources and so much more! As you can see we have launched our new website and we would love your comments.

In the next few months we will be adding benefits and features to our membership to enhance the valuable resources that are already being provided. Having interactive promotional areas for showcasing our members’ products and services, a Speaker’s Bureau, free webinars and training videos are just to name a few. I am planning to extend the outreach of the NNBA and include nurses from other countries that have shown interest in becoming members in our association.

The core of the National Nurses in Business Association is our members. NNBA is a community where nurses in business can share and express themselves in a safe and secure environment and receive the support and connections they need to meet their entrepreneurial objectives. There are many testimonies of individual members through the last 29 years and most often cited is the friendships and working relationships that have developed through being a member in NNBA. NNBA is the #1 voice for nurses in business and has played a part in thousands of nurses creating successful businesses, becoming leaders and mentors. Join us this October 4-5 in Orlando at our 29th Annual Nurses in Business Conference.

I look forward to seeing many familiar faces as well as meeting new ones!