NNBA Nurse Entrepreneur News – 09/15/2019

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We are only 2 weeks away from #NNBA2019! There is still time to register and experience the unlimited options available to entrepreneurial nurses. Meet nurse superstars and business experts that will help you go from where you are to where you want to be! Discover why so many nurses say, “this is the best conference experience ever!” This event is for aspiring entrepreneurs and existing business owners that want to take their business to the next level. Many of the nurses at this conference have grown their business and increased their income by attending, learning new techniques, and building relationships. You have heard the expression that your network is your net worth, right? Well I am here to tell you this is true. We see it year after year as a result of this conference, it’s information, and the connections that nurses are making. Here’s a quick view: https://nnbanow.com/nnba-2019-quick-view-agenda/. Make your travel arrangements and register for the conference now. We will see you at Friday’s Meet & Greet in the Twilight Room.

Speaking of opportunities, if you are a nurse that is interested in owning a “turn-key” revenue generating education business, then be sure to check out the ad below and fill in the contact information. See more information on what is included and provided!

Our first article, To Really Innovate, Think Like a User explains how critical it is to understand a user’s mindset. Social Media is such a large piece of growing a business today. How to Build a Social Media Marketing Strategy will help you achieve your goals with a sense of purpose. How to Stay Calm During Times of Stress and Anxiety is filled with helpful suggestions from how we breathe, to the words we speak to ourselves.

Meet amazing nurses and speakers from all over the country and earn CEs! Nurses looking for a change, desiring more freedom, and becoming their own boss, have chosen to advance their careers by attending this conference. The experience, knowledge, and impact of our community is amazing. Be sure to check out our generous sponsor’s offerings below and full conference information and registration can be found by clicking on this link: https://nnbanow.com/nnba-conference-2019/. See you in 2 weeks!

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