After the M & A Nurses Need a Plan B

By on Aug 2, 2016 in Leadership, Nurse Entrepreneurs

“If Plan A doesn’t work, the alphabet has 25 more letters!” – anonymous

Nurses Need a Plan B

After the M & A Nurses Need a Plan B
This is important news for close to two million nurses; Hospital merger & acquisition transactions continue to accelerate. 52 transactions took place in the first half of this year alone and we are only at the beginning of August. Having been through several (8) mergers and acquisitions; I can tell you that it never resulted in retaining all the staff. That is why I am so passionate about nurses attending #NNBA2016 conference on Nurse Entrepreneurship & Career Alternatives this October. Nurses will learn how to gain competitive advantage and discover multiple marketable income streams to augment their nursing career. Veteran nurse business owners are able to expand their offerings and develop valuable partnerships with aligned nurse business owners. All nurses will be able to expand their network and experience the positive energy of being around like-minded nurses from all over the country.

Hospital administrators are doing what they have to do to remain competitive whether it is becoming behemoth corporations or reconfiguring their facilities to address revenues that could be made outside the acute care phase of the healthcare continuum. This is placing a great deal of pressure on the already overextended nurse work force. CNOs are being asked to create new roles for nursing professionals that didn’t previously exist in the hospital environment. There is great opportunity for Nurses in business that are Independent Nurse Advocates and Independent Case Managers that have already built successful business models. Discover if Nurse Managers are interested in outsourcing to your company versus in-house development. Or consult with Nurse Managers on the development by sharing with them what has worked for your company. Successful models that improve and measure clinical outcomes, identifies patient satisfaction and facilitates care transitions are relevant to our current healthcare delivery system’s needs.

Are you doing what you need to do to remain competitive? Is your resume updated with current and relevant information? Does it convey the nurse you are and give you the competitive advantage using the best that new technology has to offer? The NNBA recommends that nurses use staffgarden’s simple and straight forward process to house your information and display your experience in the best light. Their ePortfolio is completely free to nurses. Check out here and enter to: Win Free NNBA Conference and Travel Package! With the continuation of unprecedented hospital merger and acquisition activity, take steps with your career to protect its financial longevity.The NNBA and staffgarden are completely aligned in wanting the best for nurses so you are recognized and receive your full value in today’s competitive marketplace.

Since 1985 the National Nurses in Business Association (NNBA) is dedicated to advancing and promoting Nurses in Business, Nurse Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs. The NNBA is the ‘Voice of Nurse Entrepreneurship’ as a result of the active participation and contributions of its richly resourced membership.
© 2016 Michelle Podlesni RN,CEO, USN Veteran, accomplished businesswoman, bestselling author and strategic management consultant. The founder of Unconventional Nurse® and the current president of the National Nurses in Business Association.

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