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Role Models, Coaches and Mentors + Your Work = Success

Role Models Coaches and Mentors
“Today’s stumbling blocks are tomorrow’s stepping stones”  – Mary Sutherland

I wrote about Role Models, Mentors and Coaches in my book Unconventional Nurse® because I wanted to share how important a role they each played in my ability to achieve success. If you are serious about wanting to be successful in business; these individuals will accelerate your learning curve and maximize your opportunities. The following briefly identifies the differences between each role.

A Role Model is someone that models the way and is a person whose behavior, example, or success, is or can be emulated by others. I believe that many successful nurse business owners have role modeled other successful nurses they saw making it happen out there in the business world.

A Coach usually addresses the goal at hand. The coach helps the person learn the requisite attitude, behavior and skills needed to achieve the goal successfully within the agreed success parameters. The goal is therefore well defined and the conversation happens with a clear focus and specific timelines.

A Mentor is a trusted advisor, wise with experience and willing to share their knowledge. They give emotional and moral encouragement, help individuals to develop skills and attitudes and they facilitate relationships (networking).

Mentoring is at the heart of what we do at the NNBA and we are so fortunate to have Mentoring Expert and Thought Leader, Louise Jakubik as our Keynote Speaker at this year’s conference.  Louise received the prestigious AONE Mentor Award recognizing a nurse in executive practice who has been exemplary in supporting the professional development of his or her colleagues by serving as a mentor or advisor.

Role Models, Coaches and Mentors will be in the room with you at NNBA’s Signature Event Advancing Nurses through Entrepreneurship this October 14 – 16, 2016 in Las Vegas! Make incredible and meaningful connections by networking with nurses who share your interests and passion. Register here.


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