Simple Truths When Managing Time | Success Tip

Success TipManaging time doesn’t really mean anything unless we’re managing time in concert with what we want to accomplish. It is the difference between being busy versus being effective. We all know nurses that run around full of fluster and drama while coworkers are calmly and effectively caring for the same number of patients or the same number of issues each day. Strategic planning, goal setting and time management skills are numerous and can always be improved upon. These simple truths about managing time will serve you no matter which daily planner you use.

  • Start. Newton’s first law of motion states “a body in motion wants to stay in motion”. Sometimes the very hardest aspect is just getting started. I believe this is why Nike’s “Just Do It” promotions work so well!
  • Carve out a space in your day that is devoted to planning and reviewing your plans for the following day. I do this just before finishing work for the day. Some people prefer to do it first thing in the morning.
  • Make appointments and schedule what needs to be done. This has become more critical with the older I get. Once I write it down, I get committed.
  • Focus. Studies have confirmed that there is really no such thing as multi-tasking and that in reality we are just switch tasking. Give yourself the gift of focusing on one thing at a time and watch your productivity soar. I have taken this very seriously the last several months and I hate to admit, especially to my husband who has always had this philosophy, that he was right.
  • Be aware of your prime time and schedule your most important tasks during the time of day when you are most effective.
  • Give others the opportunity for growth; delegating is a very effective way of getting more done in less time.
  • Plan for the unexpected. Leave some room in your day for the unforeseen. Give yourself a cushion because life happens…

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