NNBA Sponsor Member – Individual Level

By becoming an NNBA Sponsor Member, you’ll be demonstrating your support of nurses in business!  Your company’s products and/or services must be aligned with NNBA’s mission and not all Sponsor Members are approved.  However if you are approved, sponsor membership receives all the same NNBA Sponsor Membermember benefits as our nurse members (except the one hour mentoring session), plus:

  • One advertisement per quarter in the bi-monthly NNBA Newsletter
  • One 500 – 1000 word article (written by you) posted in NNBA’s blog
  • The same rates of our nurse level members for a homepage tower ad or NNBA Newsletter advertisements

Sponsor Members invest $499.00 annually.  For those individuals and companies (< 10 employees) interested in becoming a Sponsor Member of the NNBA, please complete and submit the following form: