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Deanne Gillingham

Deanna Gillingham

The Stay at Home Nurse LLC

About Me

I have been an RN since 1994 and a Nurse Case Manager since 2011. I have worked in a variety of clinical settings including, med surg, dialysis, oncology, hospice, SICU, LDRP, L&D and GI Lab. I have also worked as a travel nurse, agency nurse and patient service rep fitting patients for external defibrillators.

I launched The Stay At Home Nurse in December of 2013 with the goal of helping other nurses and healthcare professionals reach their goals and dreams. This has grown to include books and online courses that help case managers obtain their certification as well as a publishing company.

About My Products and Services

CCM Certification Made Easy (Book)

Deanne GillinghamCCM Certification Made Easy was written specifically to help you pass the Certified Case Manager (CCM) exam, this extraordinary book is the ultimate resource for case managers preparing for examination. It has been created and organized based on the Commission for Case Manager Certification (CCMC) exam blueprint by a certified case manager, so readers can feel confident that they are studying pertinent material.
Each of the book’s chapters address one of the five knowledge domains covered on the exam. Each chapter is further broken down to cover each of the topics outlined in the exam blueprint.
CCM Certification Made Easy provides a comprehensive yet concise review of the core material needed to pass the CCM exam, and is provided in a well organized, easy to read format, to help you make the most efficient use of your study time. No filler or fluff, just the facts.

The Case Management Certification Review Course (Online)

The Case Management Certification Review program provides a course of study for those preparing for national case management certification. The course provides information that you can use to develop your study plan and improve your case management skills.

Deanne GillinghamThe course is provided in a way that those who attend receive information that will allow them to successfully pass the exam and understand the fundamentals of the practice of case management.
Course Outline…

  • The Current Trends in Health Care and the Applications to Case Management (50 min) [please note there was a loss of audio for approximately 2 minutes about 28 minutes in]
  • History of Case Management (70 min) [starts approx. 00:50 minute mark]
  • Core Competencies and Responsibilities Across the Continuum (30 min) [starts approx. 2:03]
  • Rehabilitation, Workers Compensation and Disability Management(60 min) [Starts approx. 2:43]
  • Resource Management (30 min) [Starts approx 4:00]
  • Utilization Management (25 min) [Starts approx 4:31]
  • Population and Disease Management Health (35 min) [Starts approx 5:10)
  • Healthcare Legislation (20 min) [Starts approx 5:44]
  • Reimbursement Systems (30 min) [Starts approx 6:16]
  • Legal and Ethical Issues Influencing Case Management (55 min) [Starts approx. 6:44]

My Contact Information

Email Address:
Physical Address:  5753 Hwy 85 North #4101, Crestview, Florida  32536
Phone Number:   (978) 272-2968