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Michelle Podlesni

Michelle DeLizio Podlesni

President of the National Nurses in Business Association CEO and President of Bloom Service Group, Inc.

About Me

Michelle is a USN Veteran, RN of over 30 years, and former corporate executive whose clinical and entrepreneurial background led to a career in healthcare information technology, medical cost-containment and software development. Michelle brought her service orientation, enthusiasm and diverse expertise to the corporate environment in roles from product development to C-level executive management positions. With a proven track record in the corporate setting of leading start-up companies to financial success, as well as their subsequent mergers and acquisitions, Michelle has directly managed the strategic, sales, operational and technical areas of start-up multi-million dollar companies serving Fortune 500 clients.

Michelle has been coaching managers, executives and nurses for the past 20 years and knows the ability to smartly strategize career advancement success is crucial for any individual. Her true passion for mentoring and helping others succeed in business has made her a sought after speaker, instructor, and business advisor, and fueled her Amazon #1 best-selling book Unconventional Nurse: Going From Burnout to Bliss!® In her current role as President of the National Nurses in Business Association , Michelle speaks nationally on Nurse Entrepreneurship. The NNBA provides nurses with the knowledge and tools to meet goals and connects nurses to an extensive network of colleagues and resources helping navigate the journey to entrepreneurial success. Since 1985, the NNBA has been the Voice of Nurse Entrepreneurship.

About My Products and Services

Michelle’s Message for Today’s Nurses…
“Now more than ever, nurses need to protect the longevity and financial future of their careers. With the upheaval changes in our healthcare delivery system, it is essential that nurses diversify their knowledge to incorporate sound business practice knowledge.  Also, half of the nurse workforce is over the age of forty-five.  Health systems are slow to design career paths with expanded roles for older nurses and slow to recognize the immense cache of their knowledge and experience.  As the multi-generational nurse workforce reflects on the intent to stay in an conventional setting, consideration must be given to transitioning from employee to entrepreneur.”
—Michelle Podlesni

“Once upon a time, changing careers for Baby Boomers was done at-will and not out of necessity…Reinventing one’s career is daunting and risky. Michelle’s workshops help guide many of us navigating our next career phase to a successful endeavor.”
Christina Preisig, BSN, MBA, CEO
Michelle Podlesni
“Unconventional Nurse is for anyone who wants to advance their career in a creative ‘out of the box’ way and is looking for sound advice in moving forward! Michelle equips and empowers others to move forward practically in the direction in their dreams, giving them skills that will help them along their journey toward greater success.”
Sharon McClellan, BSN, MSN, FNP

“I have often wondered “Who cares for the caregivers?” Michelle Podlesni does. She is a passionate advocate for nurses, infusing her presentations with helpful information that will encourage and empower nurses to acknowledge their strengths and expand their dreams. Hearing Michelle is a must as you decide how you want to celebrate the rest of your life”
Barry Spilchuk, Author-The Cancer Dance & Coauthor, A Cup of Chicken Soup for the Soul®

Michelle’s presentations and workshops bring three decades of real-life experiences, from the bedside to the boardroom and beyond, sharing how to transition nursing knowledge and expertise into a variety of non-traditional opportunities. Michelle helps nurses imagine, plan, and embrace your next professional venture!

My Contact Information

Email Address:
Physical Address:  P.O. Box 777951, Henderson, NV  89052
Phone Number:   (714) 274-5101