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About Me

I have been a nurse for over 11 years-experience ranging from mainly acute care to outpatient surgery, travel and now currently per diem home infusions and a full-time CNS at a major acute care hospital. Being the inquisitive driven dedicated soul that I am, I applied this to nursing and obtained my master’s degree in education and set out to spread my knowledge to nursing students and nurses.

Sabrina GarciaHowever, maintaining physical health and nutrition has been a challenge when moving throughout the nursing world. So I decided to master that too. Although I have been consistently active as a past cross country runner, I never took a close enough look at a natural clean diet and soon discovered I was pre-diabetic, feeling run down and gaining unwanted pounds.

Sabrina GarciaI decided to pursue the path in discovering different foods and the effects they have on our bodies. In doing this, I tried out many recommended foods that would “solve” those particular issues I was having-fatigue, weight gain, not having diabetes! As I started to feel better, I had more energy and thus started to try out different workouts offered at the gym as a complement to my wonderful diet. As I gained more strength, I wondered what more could I discover that would enhance my look (no muffin top please), it was not quite the look I longed for. It was then that I discovered the art and lifestyle of natural bodybuilding. I realized a love for all that natural bodybuilding entails: a clean natural diet, training exercises and circuits that build what you want, great energy and an overall excellent look! Over the last few years I have been pursuing to master the art of this fitness option, a natural clean nutrition plan and the mind set it takes for its longevity.

I now compete in natural fitness competitions in California and have the privilege of experiencing the benefits of this art and lifestyle. I have never felt better in my life. I have said over and over again- I will never stop living this way. I want others to feel just as good, especially those who care for others, such as nurses. Nurses have made a career of caring for others and it’s never too late to care for ourselves. If you are looking to lose some weight, achieve the feeling and look you want for yourself, then I hope you join me in discovering how our amazing body can look and feel great while supporting a healthy transition.


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RN Master Fitness-Your One-Stop-Shop to getting the body YOU want! Customized holistic health plans to fit YOUR lifestyle!

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