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Sandra ClevelandSandra Cleveland

Tribe Consulting, LLC

About Me

What do you do when what you’ve always done before doesn’t work? When following the rules gets you to the same place you’ve always been – overwhelmed, frustrated & unappreciated?

Hello! I’m Dr. Sandra Cleveland…
This was my experience for YEARS…I was the color-in-the-lines, rule-abiding, ‘do-gooder’ nurse. I did the “right things” – went to school forever, progressed in my career…but I wasn’t really sharing or using my potential. Then one fate-filled day a number of years ago, I opened my mouth to my boss about work I did for my course (I am a nurse professor) and found myself assigned to a project. The beauty of this assignment for me was that I had the FREEDOM and COJONES to create this assignment — and the result was AWESOME!!! The project was an avatar guided online course mentoring new nurse faculty. But what I discovered through this process was how to SHARE MY AUTHENTIC VOICE AND PLAY WHILE DOING IT (and I was recognized for my work — bonus!). This experience as well as many others, helped me find and embrace my gifts. I WANT YOU TO FEEL THE SAME WAY – Whether delivering health and wellness offerings, helping you through our course offerings that help you get to the “next level” or helping you deliver your education online, the mission is approach education differently.

Sandra ClevelandI THRIVE as a behind-the-scenes-type individual ensuring you have the tools that you need to be successful. I want to help small business professionals and individuals embrace their potential & expand the options available to them — no matter what they practice. Many business owners, non-profit organizations, students, and individuals have a message they want to get out to an audience. Tribe Consulting can help organize and energize the message into an intriguing and active health and wellness seminar or an online course. No matter how small or big the project–you will receive uncompromising service. My goal for you is to receive a stellar experience.

Health and Education are the two strands in Tribe Consulting’s DNA. We are made up of professionals with backgrounds in nursing/healthcare, research, and instructional design experience, to craft educational content that your community will want to stay involved. We customize the content according to your vision…our passion is generating an experience that lets you make a difference for your learning community.

How does it work? First, I meet with you to discuss your goals and then create compelling programs and based on information created/gathered by the customer.

I take education and training to the next level. No, I don’t do boring. The “secret sauce” is how I create thoroughly engaging and lively health/wellness and online educational offerings. Together you and I can transform the way you inform others about your passion. I look forward to meeting you soon!

About My Products and Services

How Can I Serve You?

Corporate Wellness Services: I strive to help highly-stressed and creatively-stagnated teams in service-based businesses improve team member productivity, decrease team member burnout and sick days by offering a cutting-edge, activity-infused corporate health & wellness program.

Online Course Creation Services: Great pride and care is taken to convert your educational offerings to a digital environment providing a creative and engaging learning experience methods that shares your AUTHENTIC VOICE for your audience. Includes services for small businesses, churches, non-profit organizations, faculty, and students.

Online Course Offerings: I offer online course that enable individuals to move from their current role to confidently gain and utilize relevant tools and successfully position for the next career step.

Sandra ClevelandWhy should you work with Tribe Consulting, LLC? I can sharpen and refine your company’s health, vision and voice. I have created engaging experiences that will last long after the training is over. As my client, I want you to feel “professionally embraced.” I hold your hand through the entire process from start to finish.

What’s the upshot for YOUR freedom? Relief. Peace of mind. Confidence. Satisfaction.
Start with your NO OBLIGATION, FREE 30 MINUTE CONSULTATION SESSION. Then let’s talk and select the plan that works best for you.

My Contact Information

Email Address:
Physical Address:  3403 Talbert Circle, Rochester Hills, MI 48307
Phone Number:   (248) 224-2367