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Sandra ClevelandSandra Cleveland

Education Resource Alliance Consulting (i.e. ERA Consulting)

About Me

Greetings! I’m Dr. Sandra (PhD, RN), dream-weaver, your education course creator…My mission is help you create and share your teaching in an energized online course. My specialty? I love to help small business owners, churches, non-profit organizations, students and faculty who want to have a voice that goes beyond the website content. My research focus is the use of educational technology and online pedagogy (i.e. teaching). Additionally, I am experienced in curricular development, program planning, and assessment and evaluation strategies. I have received done presentations and received awards for course development.

Together you and I can transform the way you inform others about your passion. I look forward to meeting you soon!

About My Products and Services

Sandra ClevelandFED UP WITH The monotony of the same stuff, different day? So was I…
I became a nurse in the 20th century and fell into education during the course of one weekend. There was a span of 4 days between knowledge about the job to working the job. I was required to meet the clinical coordinator face-to-face for orientation to the course I would teach. During this time, I was constantly in school.

Fast forward to the 21st century… I had recently finished my PhD, and I decided to take an adjunct teaching role while finishing the program. Seventeen years after my first adjunct faculty position, and I was still receiving orientation in a face-to-face (FTF) format!!! Not one thing had changed regarding the orientation process.

It doesn’t have to be this way!!! As a former faculty member and student, I too have lived that experience and survived! In order to survive, I crafted an online education course that allowed me to orient the 42 adjunct faculty members for a combined multi-disciplinary course! I was also an early adopter of online educational technology; converting courses from a face-to-face environment developed an adjunct faculty orientation site which was received with accolades within the College, throughout the University, and on a national level. It saved me a lot of time, decreased my frustration, and allowed me to get back to the business and art of teaching. This new process decreased anxiety and increased overall productivity and satisfaction.

Sandra ClevelandYou are so excited about your venture and recognize that the education you want to deliver is an important piece of fulfilling your dream. But there can be so many things to consider for you education that it can become overwhelming– where do you even start? The mission of Education Resource Alliance Consulting is to become the premier provider of crafted online education, orientation, and training systems for small businesses/churches and nonprofits/faculty and students. I take the worry out and make the process of developing your education fun and energizing.


    • Small business owners
    • faculty
    • students (building educational interventions for capstone/DNP/dissertation projects)
    • churches
    • non-profits

I want you to have a sense of feeling “professionally embraced” – you have someone who understands & has been there. Someone who knows what the deal is. Someone who can help you achieve what they want to achieve & feel supported at the same time. I can help you develop any stage of your project, no matter the size. We also provide our experts to speak about topics to help you and/or your team.

Start with your NO OBLIGATION, FREE 30 MINUTE CONSULTATION SESSION. Then let’s talk and select the plan that works best for you.

My Contact Information

Email Address:
Physical Address:  3403 Talbert Circle, Rochester Hills, MI 48307
Phone Number:   (248) 224-2367