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Shirley Weis

Shirley Weis
BSN, MM, Doctor of Science (hc)

Weis Associates, LLC

About Me

After a successful career in healthcare leadership, I am focusing on helping others grow their leadership skills. My career began as a registered nurse and years later I was honored to be Mayo Clinic’s first female Chief Administrative Officer in its 150-year history. Along the way, I worked in a variety of challenging leadership roles as an innovator and thought leader, transforming organizations and growing profits.

My career has been successful because I realized early on that business is a game with rules, both written and unwritten. These business principles govern who gets promoted and who is overlooked. Many of these rules are difficult for women to uncover — especially as they climb the ladder into management, administration and high-level leadership positions. I have a keen interest in helping others — men and women — develop satisfying and successful careers and to move into director, vice president and CEO roles.

Shirley WeisI have shared my insights in an award winning book called “Playing to Win in Business”.

About My Products and Services

“Playing to Win in Business” — I am committed to helping leaders grow via an understanding of the rules of business as well as “Just Respect ™”, a concept which has served me well throughout my career. To that end, I provide consulting, training and speaking about “Playing to Win in Business.”

My Contact Information

Email Address:
Physical Address:  11445 E. Via Linda, Suite 2492, Scottsdale, AZ 85259
Phone Number:   (480) 314-3342
Other Number: (507) 513-0414