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Stella NsongStella Nsong

Six Figure Nurse Academy

About Me

It was 5:23am on a snowy Ohio Saturday morning. I had just moved to Ohio from the warm south-east USA and was still trying to learn how to drive in the snow. Turns out, it was not my driving. It was a message I needed to hear. At 5:23am, I was in a ditch with the tires spinning after a futile attempt to drive myself out of this gaping trench of ice, snow and who knows what else. I was on my way to do a few skilled nursing visits as it was my turn to work the weekend. The first thought that came to my mind was, why am I in this ditch, where am I going? why could I not be in my bed like most normal people would be at 5:23am on a Saturday morning?

You see, the questions you ask can change your life. After about half an hour, a nice roadside assistance person showed up and helped me out of the ditch and off to work I went. That day, I made myself a promise that I would start my own home health care company so people who like to get up early in the morning would work for me and since then, things have changed. That was almost twenty years ago. I started my first agency without doing all the “right things” and having all “the correct systems”. I had zero dollars and zero cents…no credit, no loans, no lines of anything…just sheer guts. I started with $1,263 dollars and in 36 months, I had grossed over a million dollars. Since then, I have owned, and operated three home health agencies, an assisted living facility, an independent living facility, a home medical supply store, an adult day center, a 501 c 3 agency for caregiving, a long term care planning service, a medical day spa and in the mean time I managed to write a few bestselling books as well as an established syndicated caregiving column. Needless to say, I have learned a lot, got fed up quite a few times, made a ton of money and now I teach nurses entrepreneurship. I love my work and I enjoy my career and I will share my wisdom, advice, recommendations, lessons learned, great wins and successes when and if you need me to. Thank you for visiting my webpage and I hope to be of service to you in the very near future. Can’t find what you need? Call 440-358-1718.

About My Products and Services

Stella Nsong
The Caregiver’s Cliff Notes: 27 Things To Do When Your Parents Are Losing Their Independence. This book is an amazon best seller. It also won the pinnacle award for elder care book category as well as the best independently published non fiction book. It makes a great gift from you to a caregiver. It is popularly used by nurse entrepreneurs as a marketing tool: sold in packs of 20, nurse entrepreneurs would place a sticker (with their advertising information) on the back of this book and mail it out with their marketing materials to potential clients and potential referral sources. Each pack of 20 copies retails for $150.00 and shipping is free.


Stella NsongThe Elder Care Cliff 2.0 is to be released in the fall of 2017.


COACHING PROGRAM: The 100 Nurse Millionaire challenge.

This is the 1k to 1 million in 36 months challenge. This is a program for unconventional nurses who want to make a change in their work, career and personal finance by moving away from their current jobs full of stress, under earning and under appreciation to a building a lucrative business with a start up as low as one thousand dollars. This is intense, its motivating, its fun and lucrative. No need to have have credit, credit cards and huge working working but it will not hurt if you are fortunate to have them. All you need is 1k, commitment, dedication, a clear vision, a some guts to succeed.

Launch Your Non Medical Agency In A Weekend.
This is a 3 day intensive to take the aspiring nurse entrepreneur from the concept to set up of his/her own non medical in home care business. In this intensive, you will go from picking your business name to registering the name, completing your application, getting your policies and procedures and learning how to start and grow your business. At the end of the weekend, you will be ready to open your doors for business. This program has year round support to guide you and cheer you to the level of success that you have set up for yourself.

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Physical Address:  89 Chester Street, Painesville, OH 44077
Phone Number:   (440) 358-1718
Alternate Number:   (440) 357-6666