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Happy Smiles For Kids

About Me

Treneé has been a Registered Nurse for over 20 years. She was floated to all areas of the largest hospitals, especially children’s units and children’s oncology unit. She felt so bad for these children to be hospitalized, this is so unfair to have to go through all this. They just wanted nurses to stay with them, but of course there were also many other things needing to be done. So Treneé created a Hospital Buddy and Chemo Buddy Doll for the kids. She would give the dolls lots of hugs and kisses and tell the children she would be back later. They LOVED the dolls and she was so happy to bring comfort and joy to them. She enlisted other Nurses to help with the project who cheerfully joined in. The children are allowed to take the dolls with them for casting, x-rays, chemotherapy and other procedures which helps with communication between the child, providers, and families.

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Trenee Zweigle

HAPPY SMILES FOR KIDS: We have specialty stuffed dolls: Hospital Buddy, Therapy Buddy, Dental Buddy, Military Buddy, Sandman dolls available at:

GREAT BOOKS 4 U: We have wholesome interesting books available at:

Trenee Zweigle

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